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great news!

I currently have a yoga class up and going. I am teaching one of my favorite formats, one I have concocted over the years: yin yoga & reiki.  Each yin yoga practice can be adjusted from easy to extrememly challenging. It is a slow, meditative pace, and it pairs so perfectly with a little extra energy work called reiki. You can book online @ Prime Sports Institute Bellingham, where I also do a few hours of therapeutic Thai massage for amazing people.

more yoga practices coming


"Practice and all is coming"

What is yoga to you?

many of us come into yoga as a workout or mostly physical-based class. many discover it as a spiritual practice, a safe space, a way to make sense. maybe it's something fun or challenging to do. wherever we come from, as we go the practice seems to grow, evolve, and offer more, and so do we. 

yoga can mean a lot more than just asana. what comes next for you?

What would you like to see?

what do you love about yoga? what would you love to see in-person or online? 

this is your life after all, isn't it. how would you like it to relate to yoga? i will be pleased as punch if you take a moment to let me know and keep your eye out for my newsletters!

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& a penny for your thoughts!

What kind of yoga practices would you like to get in on?
How much do you love yoga? ;)
What do you prefer?

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