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Unlock your life's potential with Daydream Healing Arts.  Overcome pain, stress, anxiety and trauma so you can live a life worth living.  I would love to help you reclaim your peace of mind and get your head back in the clouds.

You are meant to be whole and experience the bliss of just being you and being alive.  Sometimes that can require going on a real journey.  I would love to help you on your journey any way I can.  

even heroes have problems 

Pain and discomfort in body, heart or mind affects us in many ways. Maybe it's just enough to keep us from feeling good as it slowly zaps our vitality. Maybe it keeps us from what we love. Maybe it even starts to snowball into more problems that threaten to swallow our whole world with stress and anxiety. 

When your body isn't able to get rid of a problem on its own, it can be confusing and downright scary. If you try a few go-to things that don't work, it can be very disheartening. The voice of pain and dysfunction can even try to make you feel guilty because on some level you think you should be able to solve every problem you have by yourself. 

The voice of pain can be insidious.  It can start small with an injury that came out of nowhere.  It will tell you to just ignore it, and it will be fine.  When the pain doesn’t go away, the voice says give up.  Don’t try.  You don’t have the strength or the resources to handle this, and don’t ask for help because you should be responsible for fixing your own problems.  


The voice of pain says that your life is not valuable.  It says don’t pay attention to your feelings.  Don’t pay attention to your body.  Tune out.  Numb out.  Don’t show weakness or vulnerability.  Keep hanging onto a job that sucks your life dry and is not in alignment with what you are here to do.  You are alone, and your role is to be a willing victim to a predatory world that knocks you down and exploits your pain. 


Pain, stress, anxiety & trauma can grind us all down. 

What has the voice of pain been saying to you?


Finding answers can be hard.  

While our medical system comes with tons of upside, it also comes with challenges.  We excel at differentiating information and honing in with laser-like focus, which pays off with great data and analysis. 

The trade-off is that we struggle with re-integration, putting the pieces back into a cohesive whole.  For one thing, this means that we as people are left to navigate our medical institutions without a guide, which can feel like blindly moving through a map-less terrain of bunkers and silos of information.  Each silo approaching a person as if its way is the only way of treating whatever it treats; each silo perhaps giving the impression that whatever it doesn't treat isn't worth treating.  

It is too common to work within a healthcare system that views us through one lens and pushes only its own type of solution.  Over-specialization increases the likelihood of very important things falling through the cracks--things like information, treatment, communication, care for you as a human and not just a data set, to name a few major ones.  

Ultimately, when we are viewed through a lens that slices us into separate bits so that it can isolate the "relevant" data and discard the rest, it leaves us feeling separated and isolated.  We feel dis-integrated.  We get the idea that there are parts of ourselves that are irrelevant and unimportant.  Inevitably, this approach leaves us feeling not truly seen, wondering what more we are missing and wondering if any solutions offered will really work.

The problem is, pain, stress, anxiety and trauma can be very complicated and interwoven.  They come with many pieces that need to be put together and re-integrated into a whole picture. 

Nothing in our experience is irrelevant data; there are just pieces that haven't been connected yet to their significance in our life.


My name is Travis Thieszen

Contrary to the voice of pain, I am here to tell you that you are not alone and you don't have to navigate everything on your own.  I believe you deserve more than that. 

Like so many good things, healing is better when we do it together.  A healing journey can be delightful, and why shouldn't it be?  Doesn't it sound delightful to leave pain, stress and anxiety behind?  Sure every treatment has its place, but well being is a lot more than just pills and surgery.  There is so much more available, and if given the chance, you might even discover that you are capable of so much more than you know. 

MA, LMT, RYT-200, Reiki Teacher

Thai Massage

Deep Tissue 

Contract-Relax therapies like PNF

Facilitated Stretching

Myofascial Release


Medical Massage

Sports Massage

Meridian Massage

Massage for Injury, Recovery & Longevity 

Lymphatic Drainage 

Tui Na 

Pain and discomfort on any level
affects every level

Something that starts as a physical injury like a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) can bring us down emotionally and cloud our judgment.  Likewise something that we might label as mental like PTSD or workplace stress will spill into emotional and physical stress, too.  Emotional anxiety leads to mental and physical anxiety, perhaps jaw muscles clenching and not letting go.  The discoveries we make along the way may be simple or profound.  

body heart mind

Carpal Tunnel

TOS - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder, Frozen hip

Ergonomic injury

Repetitive Stress that builds up from doing the same things in life

Joint replacement rehab

Scar tissue treatment - which is less for aesthetics and more for functionality. One little scar can pull on tissue that affects the whole body.

Check your math: 1 + 1 = 3

That's often how I describe the synergistic benefits of integrated care.  Thousands of studies over the decades have listed extensive benefits of massage therapy.  And when body work combines with other therapies, in general it can boost the effectiveness of each treatment.  Integrating body work with your healthcare can increase speed of recovery, reduce re-occurrence of treated conditions, and much, much more. 

Getting the care you need is even better for you than you might think.

These are just a few conditions commonly prescribed for massage with benefits that can show up in your quality of life and in the bottom line of your healthcare spend.

Once we've been taken apart, we need to be put back together again.  We need systems of medicine that help us reintegrate findings back into our experience.


This is why I incorporate Thai massage and yoga, because they developed alongside medical sciences that have successfully been doing exactly this for ages.  Western analysis and Eastern insight are very, very powerful partners.  

The dynamic movements of Thai massage often help people discover things like their functional movement patterns, for instance.  It is possible to gain sensation and discover relationships in your body that you didn't even know were there, but which have been running the show all along.  

Discovering things like this along the way allows us to focus on your specific issues of concern and also fit them into the bigger picture of your current, lived experience. 


This is important because when things are treated too separately, changes are less effective and fade faster.  Integrating the many facets of our lives helps us to feel truly connected with our body, our process, our world. 

What can you expect from a session?

Body work--Massage & Energy work--with a dash of yoga and mindfulness. 

Specifically, I do Thai massage.  I do Swedish and more familiar table massage as well, but typically I lead with Thai.  Everything else is layered in as we go.  I might bookend our time with reiki.  During your massage we could draw from the well of yoga therapies with breathwork, guided meditation or perspectives that could help with your current situation.  If you have a specific preference on what type of massage you are looking for, then you can specify in the comments section when you book your massage, and I will be happy to accommodate. 


After we wrap up, we can go over what came up during our session.  I will share any useful resources such as home care practices, and we can discuss the best plan for follow up.  Depending on what we are treating, 3-5 visits could resolve an issue, or maybe it is a matter of maintaining care once every few weeks or months. 


Speaking of talking, if the work we do through conversation and perspective is useful, then we can use the time we have for more of a coaching format. You might even consider booking an extra 15 minutes or more to make sure you have enough time to get the body work you are looking for and the perspective that you need.

Ultimately, your body and your present experience is the guiding light of what we do during a session.  

With a little talk and a little touch, we will figure out what you and your body want most. 

Thai with Aiden - landscape smiling from above_edited.jpg
Where yoga meets massage.


Thai massage therapy combines the practices and benefits of both yoga and massage.

It tends to fill in the gaps between other therapies. Just as yoga works with the bodymind to effect change, so does Thai massage. Thai is very supportive in allowing the body to open up and recruit its own abilities as an ally in healing.

Thai Massage Therapy

Rocking and rhythmic movement lull the body into relaxation, allowing bodywork to sink in more deeply.  Postures and stretches open up the body and move energy through.  

Instead of a table, we work together on a cushy floor pad, which allows us to explore the full range of dynamic postures that your particular body is suited for.  It is a chance to blend breath work with other yoga techniques and Western techniques into specialized body care. 

Let's get to the bottom of what holds you down so that you can get your head back in the clouds.

I will agree to let you know what to expect: what to prepare for, what the treatment ahead looks like, how many sessions may be needed, etc.

I will encourage you to share your feedback at all times.
I will give you reasons for what we are doing.
If I see that our work together is not productive or not productive enough to be worth it, I will let you know. 
If I see any opportunity for you to receive better care elsewhere or an additional type of care that can support you on your journey, I will let you know.  


Book it
make time to dream

Book online.  Change doesn't happen until you make time for it. 


Tell it
like it is

Fill out an intake form online before arrival (check your email). It will walk you through a few key questions to help map out physical, mental and emotional well being.  


let the dream begin

When you arrive, we will get into the details of what's really going on for you.  We will talk about what you really want and the best way forward to make that happen.  By the time you leave, you will feel better, have new perspectives and a path to transformation. 

Daydreaming has its perks

benefits of thai massage, reiki & yoga

"I haven't played this freely in decades."

J, professional oboe player

chronic overuse for decades

"I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel."

A Beck, chronic pain

Yellow Aster Butte cloudy.jpg

Don't keep following a path of isolation and dis-integration.  Don't lose your days to pain. 

You deserve better than that.

It is possible

to experience yourself as bliss,

to feel vibrant and empowered

to change your life, and

to transform through difficulty.

You will have a better time and be more likely to succeed with people who can help you puzzle the pieces of your life together.

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